Thursday, December 22, 2011

What Would Haley Do With E-mails If Not Caught?

Shady South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. What would she have done if it wasn't for the scrutiny over deleting governmental (and public) e-mails?

The Post and Courier recently reported on controversial emails obtained from a state agency that revealed Haley’s influence over a nonpartisan, taxpayer-funded committee she established to decide how South Carolina should implement the federal health care overhaul.

Let us all remember this. Haley and Republicans have a track record in this state. Nothing has significantly changed as far as who runs the show here. So, whether we all know we're being screwed or not, how many of us will eventually get tired of Republicans running out of lubricant?

They already dip into your wallets and pocket books. They meddle in women's choices. They just about want to control your thinking process... wait, they already do.

I strongly believe Haley would delete as much as she could so there would be no track record. Funny, others are getting the picture she's not the "transparency queen" often touted on the campaign trail.

Ashley Landess, a conservative political operative, pointed out that Haley promised voters her administration would "fight for accountability and transparency." "When you run on a platform of fully open, transparent government, you better be the most open elected official at the table every time without exception," said Landess, an architect of Haley's most notable victory while in the Legislature, roll-call voting.

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