Friday, December 23, 2011

Boeing Can Cut Jobs Without NLRB Involvement

The recent hoopla over the National Labor Relations Board complaint filed by union leadership over Boeing moving work to Charleston, S.C., was painted as a "job killer" by Republicans. More so, the same Republicans wanted to protect Boeing's interests rather than qualify union members and their issues with the company.

But, as Republicans tend to do, they overlook facts and give you - the people - bits of what you need so you'll fall right in line. To them, the NLRB was going to end jobs.

Below, you'll see Boeing can do that just fine without any NLRB involvement. This comes from the beginning of 2011.

LONG BEACH - Stung by dwindling domestic demand and efforts to slow production, Boeing said it plans to cut 900 more workers from its local C-17 workforce by late 2012. The downsizing, announced late Wednesday, is the latest in a series of reductions to Long Beach's once-mighty aerospace industry, where employment has dropped from more than 20,000 in the 1990 s to less than 7,000 today. And it comes on the heels of a painful year in which more than 1,000 local Boeing jobs were outsourced, transferred or simply cut amid a company-wide restructuring program.

However, Boeing wasn't really "stung" and they weren't slowing production. They found it cheaper elsewhere

Global aircraft manufacturers, Boeing received final approval on Wednesday from the Chinese Government confirming a $19 billion aircraft agreement. The contract involves a delivery of 200 aircraft comprising of 737s and 777s over a period of three years (2011-2013). The agreement with the Chinese government was part of a trade deal which took place amid an official visit by Chinese President Hu Jintao to the US. During the state meet, Jintao announced that the Chinese government would invest a total of $45 billion in US products and services.

 The truth and nothing but.

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